The Aglaeca Stalks Again

Buried under fields, entombed in roots, or burbling under marshes, lurks the aglæca…
A new creature for your D100 or GUMSHOE-based horror mystery RPGs. The Aglæca is a beast out of the mists of folk-legends and grandam’s fireside tales, an eater of children and king of the wastes. 
This PDF includes:

  • Stats for the Aglæca for both percentile-based RPGs and the GUMSHOE system. 
  • Variations and echoes on what the Aglæca is and where it comes from, and scenario seeds for placing it in your game.

The Aglæca has been revised and re-released on RPGnow/DriveThruRPG as a pdf.

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Adventure Campaign Planner

These booklets of map templates are 48 pages of forms to help you run a hexcrawl campaign in any adventure game that supports them. They come in two sizes: Digest and Large. Each contains:

  • Four hex map templates:
    • Digest: 21 hexes tall and 18 hexes wide
    • Large: 24 hexes tall and 17 hexes wide
  • Twelve lair-sized location templates:
    • Digest: 10 by 10 square grid
    • Large: 15 by 15 square grid
  • Dungeon-sized location templates:
    • 30 by 30 square grid
    • Digest: 7x grids
    • Large: 9x grids
  • Three megadungeon-level-sized location templates:
    • 60 by 45 square grid

Each have ample space for keys, monsters and other notes.

Available Online

Adventure Campaign Planner – Digest (6″ x 9″)

Softcover, Premium Color Book

Adventure Campaign Planner – Large (8.5″ x 11″)

Softcover, Premium Color Book