PREVIEW – The Harvesters

In creaky, rusted, small-town mausolea, in soot-stained urban funeral homes, in the empty shells of ghost town churches, they are busy. We are their seeds; our corpses, their harvest. These Harvesters work in secret, behind many faces, and in hidden places in the night. Their Engines churn away, their monstrous alchemy converting human flesh and […]

PREVIEW – The Aglæca

This is a preview of what patrons are getting access to this month:  Buried under fields, entombed in roots, or burbling under marshes, lurks the aglæca… A new creature for your D100- or GUMSHOE-based horror mystery RPGs. The Aglæca is a beast out of the mists of folk-legends and grandam’s fireside tales, an eater of […]