The Aglaeca Stalks Again

Buried under fields, entombed in roots, or burbling under marshes, lurks the aglæca…A new creature for your D100 or GUMSHOE-based horror mystery RPGs. The Aglæca is a beast out of the mists of folk-legends and grandam’s fireside tales, an eater of children and king of the wastes.  This PDF includes: Stats for the Aglæca for […]

Cartomorphs: Volume 1

Sixteen pages of geomorphs featuring complex, multi-level environments, designed to be compatible with other popular sources of geomorphs.  Contents: • 20 large (10 square by 10 square) tiles• 40 long (5 square by 10 square) tiles• 70 small (5 square by 5 square) tiles  Available Online Cartomorphs: Volume 1 (5.5″ x 8.5″) PDF $2.99 Softcover, […]